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Degree Program in the Parakletos

B.Th. Program
The Parakletos Theological Seminary offers a four years of study for
the degree of Bachelor of Theology. This study program is intended to
encourage the church youth in the villages and remoted areas of all 
over Indonesia for a better preparation leading for an ordained pastor.

B.D. Program
This is a unique program is intended for anyone in the church who wants
to dedicate his life for pastoring a congregation, to be a church
worker, or an active layman who want to help his/her fellow workers
with a pastoral qualification. Anyone who has finished a Bachelor
degrees or its equivalent may apply for this program.

M.A. Program in Apopogetics and Mission
It is a program for any graduate people in the church ministry or in
other ministries who want to be equipped with a relevant study of
post graduate qualification. It is also become unique program because
the Apologetical discipline will be focused on defending against any
false teachings which in contradictory to biblical truth, while on the
Mission is concentrated on cross cultural approach which relevant to
Indonesian socio-cultural condition.