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The Dean's Explanation
The Parakletos Theological Seminary
Jalan Boyong, Kaliurang
Yogyakarta, Ph./Fax: 62-0274-895140 55585

Our Educational Program

There are four kind of educational programs in the Parakletos Theological Seminary. 1. Non-degree programs: Students who wish to take a formal degree program can apply for this section. Usually this program is intended for equipping the students with several kind of practical skill which useful in the village services. Certificate of attendant or diploma will be awarded to the student who had completed this courses, which run on the range of several weeks to a year. 2. Bachelor of Theology: Student of fresh graduate from the high school and who wish to be a pastor is encouraged to apply for this 4 year of education. 3. Bachelor of Divinity: Student who at least had finished 2-3 years of diploma or any Bachelor degrees of other disciplines and had experiences of job are encouraged to apply in this type of theological education for ordination afterwards 4. Master of Arts in MIssion & Apologetics: Graduate education in this specification is intended to accomplish the student for further professional services in the job or in the society. This class is usually conducted in the evening and should be finished in 2-4 years with writing a thesis and final examination.

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